January 18, 1967

The Council of Education had a resolution to open Phitsanulok College of Education

January 25, 1967

On January 25, 1967, the Ministry of Education officially announced the establishment of the Faculty of Education and at the same time with Phitsanulok College of Education. This was a higher education institutions with on one department  to produce professional teachers  at the bachelor degree level. 

June 28, 1974

On June 28, 1974, it was announced in the Government Gazette to raise the status of the College of Education to Srinakharinwirot University (Phitsanulok branch) with the creation of four different faculties, namely:  Faculty of Education, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

July 29, 1990

    July 29, 1990, is the date that Naresuan University Act in the Government Gazette was fully establishes. The Faculty of Education is one of the agencies in Naresuan University, with other government agencies such as the Office of the President, Graduate School, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty Social Sciences, Faculty of Science, and the library. Currently, the Faculty of Education is one of the faculties in Naresuan University with 19 faculties and Naresuan University Phayao as follows: Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Public Health,   Faculty of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Laws, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Management and Information Science, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of  Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture, Resources and Environment, Graduate School, International College, College of Renewable Energy.

2021 : Present Faculty of Education, Naresuan University

    The present faculty of Education, Naresuan University consists of 4 departments, namely: Department of Education, Department of Educational Administration and Development, Department of Educational Technology and Communication, Department of Physical Education and Exercise Science, and Secretariat Office.

    Naresuan University is considered as one of the leading educational institutions in Thailand proving teacher education and producing professionally qualified teachers for people in the region, especially in the lower northern region of the country. For many years the Faculty of Education, Naresuan University has Produced and is still producing qualified and professional teachers who are recognised in both government and private sectors to serve the society and the nation as a whole